Outdoor Range Work Day April 2 at 9:00 a.m.

Next Board Meeting

March 21, 2016 at 7:00 P.M. at Indoor Range

2016 Tournament/JOAD Schedule

Target 9th & 10th January           450 Round 13th & 14th February        Presidents Day 9th & 10th July                   900 Round 12th & 13th November       Veterans Day  300 10th & 11th December        450 Round 3D 12th & 13th March               Indoor 3D 9th & 10th April                   Outdoor 3D 14th & 15th May                   Outdoor 3D 11th & 12th June                  Outdoor 3D 13th & 14th August               Annual Jamboree Contact Randy Meyer (402) 499-8815 JOAD/AAA January 12th -March 15th          Winter session April 12th – June 14th                 Spring session July 12th – September 13th       Summer session October 11th – December 13th  Fall session Contact Chad Scott (402) 560-2879 2015 Tournament Schedule January 17-18          Prairie Bowmen Indoor 3-D February 21-22                 Prairie Bowmen Target February 22                       Prairie Bowmen JOAD March 8th                         Prairie Bowmen NASP shoot March 27-28                     Prairie Bowmen IceBreaker 3-D May 16-17                          Prairie Bowmen 3-D June 20-21                         Prairie Bowmen 3-D August 15-16                      Prairie Bowmen Jamboree October 17-18                     Prairie Bowmen 300 November 21-22                Prairie Bowmen 300 December 19-20                Prairie Bowmen 450 Vegas

2013 Prairie Bowmen Schedule

February 16-17thPrairie Bowmen’s Annual President’s Day Shoot January 18th – Prairie Bowmen’s Annual Banquet January 13th Annual Indoor 3D

2013 State and National Schedule

2012 Prairie Bowmen Schedule

November 17th Prairie Bowmen’s Annual Potluck and club meeting August 26th Prairie Bowmens Red Solo Cup Money Shoot August 12th Prairie Bowmens Annual Jamboree 3D August 11th Prairie Bowmens Annual Club Members Fish Fry July 28th & 29th Cornhusker State Games 3D July 28th Cornhusker State Games NASP July 21st & 22nd Cornhusker State Games Target June 24th 2012 Prairie Bowmens F/H/A Tune up for State June 9th & 10th 2012 Prairie Bowmens Third Annual Nebraska Challenge 3-D May 27th Prairie Bowmens Iron Archer April 28th & 29th Prairie Bowmen 3-D March 18th -Prairie Bowmen Traditional Only 3-D February 17th – Prairie Bowmen’s Annual Banquet February 18-19thPrairie Bowmen’s Annual President’s Day Shoot February 25-26thPrairie Bowmen’s Icebreaker 3-D