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Prairie Bowmen Lincoln is fortunate to have one of the most beautiful and diversified outdoor ranges in the state of Nebraska. Located in southwest Lincoln adjacent to the Wilderness Park area, with it’s NFAA approved ranges and other facilities. To get to our range go southwest from Warlick  Blvd and Old Cheney and take the first left, which is Creekside Tr. Then go right on Norwood Dr. to Windhaven Dr.  Turn left on Windhaven and follow it to Carlton Dr. Turn right on Carlton drive and our driveway is located at 725 Carlton Dr.. Indoor range is located at 345 South 14th

Map to Outdoor Range

Map to Outdoor Range

The 3-D range offers a variety of terrain to challenge even the most confident archer. From shots on elevated platforms surrounded by conifer trees, to testing your skills from a dugout earth blind on the native prairie grass or roving through the woodlands, you’re sure to find some favorites.

If target archery is your game we offer a certified American range with shots from 10 to 60 yards. A NFAA certified range consisting of two 14-target field ranges that also compliments the outdoor facilities.

Our Indoor range is located at 345 South 14th Street, in down town Lincoln near the Capital Building, with 17 plus shooting lanes from the 20 yard shooting line. This range also offers movable target butts for closer distances and well as a paper tuning fixture and bow press for getting those arrows to shoot bullet holes!